Information about lighting fires

Obtaining a Permit to Light Fire

An application for a ‘Permit to Light Fire’ is made through the local fire warden. See below for more details. To contact the fire warden in Montville, please call 0477 712 175. To find a fire warden in Queensland, follow this link...

Following receipt of your application the fire warden may impose conditions on a permit to reduce unwanted risk or nuisance to other people, property or to the environment. The fire warden may refuse to issue a permit if they believe that appropriate safety measures cannot be reasonably achieved.

A Notification issued under the Fire and Emergency Services Act 1990, does allow certain fires to be lit without the need to obtain a permit, except if the fires are not permitted under a local law or other legislation. If there is a local law in your local government area prohibiting the lighting of fires, a permit will not be issued by the fire warden unless you have obtained the written permission of the local government.

Fires that do not require a Permit:

Provided adequate precautions are taken to prevent the spread of fire, the following fires may be lit without a permit except where such fires are not allowed under a local law for a part or all of a local government area:
• A fire in which neither the height, width nor length of the material to be consumed exceeds two metres;
• A fire lit outdoors for the purpose of cooking and warmth, if enclosed in a fireplace so constructed as to prevent the escape of fire or any burning material there from;
• A fire lit for the purpose of burning the carcass of a beast;
• A fire lit at a sawmill for the purpose of burning sawdust or other residue resulting from the operation of a sawmill; or
• A cane fire may also be subject to a notification and may be lit under certain conditions.

If you are uncertain whether the above situations apply to you, and whether you need a permit or not, please contact your local Fire Warden for further clarification.

Note: Most local governments provide alternative methods (other than fire) for the disposal of vegetation and waste materials such as refuse collections or disposal of green waste at a council recycling centre. Contact your local government for more information.

How to apply for a Permit

​Please click/tap here to follow this link for information required to apply for a permit and application for a permit to light a fire.

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